Cheap logos VS expensive logos – Here you will see the main pros and cons of both a cheap and expensive logo to help you decide which best accommodates you and your creative needs. –video by All Around Design, YOUR ALL DESIGN SOLUTION


Here is another new Logo Design Tutorial. The basic formation of this logo looks like a long strip of paper , which is folded in an order for multiple number of times. We designed this logo in 4 steps, 1st we created the basic shape with the rectangle tool, 2nd with the help of line […]

Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (evolve) Here is another LOGO Designing Tutorial. In this video we have used 3D Extrude and Bevel, Gradient, Perspective to create this LOGO Design. Whole preparation process for designing a Professional Logo has been explained with necessary tips. If you want to Know more about How to Create […]

Post Tagged with – Learn how to use negative space for logo designs. Watch as I put myself on the spot by randomly choosing 2 letters and 2 nouns that begin with the letter and then attempt to illustrate the idea of the noun within the actual letters using negative space. Try it, it’s good for practice! […]

Logos surround us in digital and physical space, but we rarely examine the thought and artistic thinking that goes into the design of these symbols. Utilizing a silent vocabulary of colors, shapes, and typography, logo designers give a visual identity to companies and organizations of all types. From cave painters to modern designers, artists throughout […]

Most logos aren’t designed in fifteen minutes, but most designers aren’t Aaron Draplin. Aaron’s a Portland fixture by way of the Midwest, the owner of Draplin Design Co., and an advocate of “blue collar” design: design that works. Here he takes our logo design challenge, creating a dozen iterations of a logo for a fictional […]